Mr. Beams LED Spotlight w/ Motion Sensor

Just bought 2 of these from Amazon for more $ than here. Not sure about battery life long term but they seem to be well worth the $10.

I bought and put up 6 of them a couple of weeks ago, they use 3 c cell batteries each. Easy to set up and really work well. Hope battery life is long

You say it uses c cells but the specs say D cells so which is it?

Buyer confirms “D” batteries are correct for this model.

Just got these in today. They were stupid easy to set up. The base detaches from the rest of the unit so you can just hold it straight to the side of the house and drill right through the mounting holes for exact placement. Comes with mounting screws (with anchors for drywall mounting I’m guessing), had all 3 up in about 5 minutes. It doesn’t activate during the day (it has a light sensor) but as soon as it got dark I let the small dog out and the sensors picked him up straight away. Pretty good range. I have read that the housing tends to break at the thin point after around a year or two but I figure with some super glue I’ll get at least 3-4 years out of it and that’s well worth the price