Mr. Beams LED Spotlight w/ Motion Sensor

Ordered these last time they were on woot, very happy with my purchase. This is a pretty good deal, the price is nearly double on amazon. I read a lot about people who said the plastic housing joint failed after a few years but I figure it’s nothing you can’t epoxy back together. As far as installation it couldn’t be easier, remove the light from the base, hold the base up to the wall, screw through the screw holes, put the light back on the base.

Dogs and cats will trigger them so if you get a lot of adventuring pets you’ll run the batteries out quicker. But I figure $20/yr in batteries for a little bit of added security and convenience isn’t bad. The light is very bright and the sensor reaches around 25ft

The light sensor won’t activate unless it’s dark out though. I put one of them on the front of my house and the light from the street renders it totally useless since it never turns on.

I have bought a total of 8 Mr. Beams products on Woot and absolutely love these lights.

The Customer Service at Mr. Beams is just as great as their lights. I had a question about the last set of lights I ordered. Maya at CS was on it immediately, researching my issue and getting back to me within a day. Excellent, top-notch response.

I keep looking for more places to put a Mr. Beams light!

Highly recommended. A good product. This company (Mr Beams) sells stuff made in China like everyone else, but their quality control seems to be better. I already have several of these, outside and exposed to weather, and they have been fine. Because they only come on at night and when they sense motion, the batteries last quite a while. More than a year for me. I did take the precaution of taping around the seam where the light separates to access the batteries. I don’t mind using a bit of tape once every couple of years, to make the light more weatherproof.

These single beam lights do not put out a lot of light. Just be aware that if you need to light anything more than a doorway from just overhead, the light is more like moonlight than a spotlight. I read about them lighting up a basketball goal and playing area on the company’s website with the model I was looking at, and if you put the light high enough to not get in your eyes you get a faint glow. Neat product, just know the light is not that powerful.

I’m very happy with this product. We live in the mountains and it gets very dark at night. Our granddaighter is scared to get her laundry when it’s that dark. No excuse now. These lights worked through rain and snow. I plan to purchase a few more to put around the property.