Mr. Beams Motion Sensing LED Lights

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Mr. Beams Motion Sensing LED Lights
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3/30/2018 - $18.99

Each requires FOUR C-Cell batteries. That about doubles the cost.

100 lumens isn’t much.

Mr Beams is da-bomb! Seriously, if you think you want a motion light for a closet or dark area, do not buy anything else than these. Battery life is amazing, and they are brighter than you think.

100 Lumens? What are we talking here, about a 7 WATT Bulb? Light a Closet or a Shed, you must be kidding us … no thanks!!!

I was looking at this because I go to a 2 week event that uses port-a-potties and we currently put tap-lights in so we can see at night. Using 4 C batteries & only having 35hrs of light time will not work for a week, yet alone 2. I’ll stick to the tap-lights that use 3 AA batteries where the batteries have lasted the entire event and into the next year before replacement was needed.

It had better be, it’s using FOUR C-Batteries to run a single LED bulb? That’s ridiculous. If I EVER have to replace it, that’s poor battery life.

I do the same thing each summer (but I use motion-sensing lights), and I paid about $3 each for the ones I use. They have lasted for 3 years, each year I put a new set of 3 AA batteries in them and they are good for well over a month of use. They are also likely brighter than these.

Hard pass on these for me.

C cell??!?! F that.

I bought the two pack from woot last month based on the generally positive Amazon reviews. I installed one in the ceiling of a shower stall that doesn’t get very good lighting with the shower curtain closed. The light has a light sensor and it won’t fire if there’s too much light in the room. I wanted to use this to get more light in the shower stall so I could shave but it actually doesn’t work for this, as when the overhead bathroom light is on this light won’t light even while I’m activating the motion sensor. I’m sure this is good for battery life but I wish I could control the light sensitivity to account for what I wanted to use it for.

The motion sensor is very good, and we’re really getting a lot of use out of it as a night light. If anyone uses the bathroom at night now they generally don’t choose to turn on the overhead light. For those who are saying it isn’t that bright, this is true. It is good don’t-trip-over-things-on-the-floor light, but even a closet won’t be very well lit when it is on.

The unit seemed solidly built and it mounted easy.

This is a good price for these, not an amazing price for these.

We use eneloop rechargeable AAs in eneloop C adapters–4 AA batteries and 4 C adapters per unit.

We use it in a small vestibule that opens to 5 doors. No windows or lights but high traffic. So it works well for us but we have to have 8 AA batteries dedicated to that one unit. One set charging in the charger. One set discharging in the unit. We have to change the batteries, depending on the traffic, once a week or two weeks. We have ours on a shelf instead of mounted to the ceiling so we get better reflected brightness and no strain pulling it off the ceiling.

Good luck.

I bought a similar Mr. Beams Motion Sensing light ( at Home Depot several months back–one that also takes 4 AA batteries. It lasted about a week. I figured for what I’d end up spending on batteries, it was better just to not bother with them anymore.

With all due respect, the solution to your problem may be to keep the overhead light OFF when you shower.