Mr. Beams Motion Sensing LED Path Light, 6-Pack

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Mr. Beams Motion Sensing LED Path Light, 6-Pack
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Time to check out the product page and learn all about the warranty

A few reviews over at smarthome

IF (emphasis on if) I’ve figured these out correctly, these Path lights are almost the same as the Mr Beams Stair/Step lights. I have Stair/Step lights and am very happy with them. They make great closet lights as well. I’ve been looking to get more for a while, but wanted to pay less than $15-$17 each.

They have the same housing and also need 3 C alkaline batteries (though my Stair/Step lights work fine with 3 AA NiMH rechargables using size adaptors). Path lights are only available in black, while Stair/Step lights come in black or white.

The only real difference I can find between Stair/Step lights and these Path lights is in the shutoff delay once no further motion is detected:

Stair/Step lights have a 20 or 60 second delay (switch selectable) while Path lights have a 1 or 5 minute delay (also switch selectable).

I’ve got an Amazon Local coupon burning a hole in my pocket, so I’m in for a six-pack; I’d be in even without the coupon though: $11.79 each (after shipping and NY City tax) is the best price I’ve seen on these in a while.

not even a few, just a couple, as in 2. One like, one dislike.
There is a nice picture though

I bought these last time. The area they light is small and dim. If you need something to show you where to step they would be OK. The motion sensor seems to work.

I also have the stair lights. They aren’t super bright, but are certainly bright enough. Have had them for at least 2 (maybe 3) years with the same C batteries - outside on my stairs where they turn on often.

would recommend.

love it when people think theyve contributed by quickly grabbing a link and not actually checking said link is worth it.

I mean come on, are people just trying to get their Woot avatars more swag or something?

"Review by ANN

Product works great so far. Very pleased.

Review by BEVERLY

disappointed in the product - it does little more than glow in a small area under the light. Very limited utility"

that is one of the most useless “hey look at these reviews” link Ive seen on woot in a long time. At least usually when I complain its wootbot and not a person.

C size batteries? Thats pretty retro!

Retro? A battery means you don’t need to change them as often as AA or AAA. That is a good thing.

i bought 2-2 packs a few months ago for almost the same price. well those have remotes, but i barely use them so i wouldnt pay more for the remotes. they work pretty well, although one of them got stuck on once, so i had to go out and take the batteries out overnight. seemed better the next day.

i wanted more, so i’ll probably buy this pack.

the only other issue, is if you walk too fast, you’re almost on them before the motion sensor picks you up. you have to be precise with your placement.

i guess i need some more C batteries too. i dont think i have many more laying around.

That sneaky Squatch appeared in Tools & Garden. Of course I missed him.

WARNING: no more free shipping on same day orders unless they are placed in the same shopping cart

3 C batteries times 6 so don’t forget to buy 18 batteries if you want them to work.

I want to like this deal, but I don’t see anything corroborating the original price anywhere else on the internet. Additionally, there aren’t enough reviews to justify nearly 70 clams with shipping and tax factored… pass!