Mr. Beams Remote Control LED Spotlight

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Mr. Beams Remote Control LED Spotlight
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12/30/2015 - $19.99 - Click To See Discussion (11 comments)

Check out the product page for the MB371 model

4.4 Stars on the MB371 with Manuals for both over at Wayfair

What’s the max range for the remote?

Manual says up to 70ft.

I got these last time, and they were so good the spouse stole them and put them out at our farm!!!

HUH?..a ‘spotlight’ thats 140 lumens ? thats LESS than a 25watt bulb, incadescent !!! what the heck can ya “spot” with that ?sheeesh…lol

…the bulb in my frig is brighter…holy moley

Got two of the non remote version on an Amz Prime deal and they are decent. Solidly built, motion detector sufficient, batteries seems to last ok, and range of light is decent. Light time too short for my taste but with remote probably not an issue. This is a good deal for version with remote.

Bought 3 of these last time they were offered (same model) and LOVE them! Attached one to my deck so when my little dogs go out at night to do their business, the area is illuminated. No, it isn’t exactly stadium lighting, but it is enough for them to see where they are going, and for me to see them. The motion detector and remote are perfect.

Get it at Amazon for $25.85 and free Prime shipping. Whatever happened to the really good Woot deals?

WORST DESIGN of any light I’ve ever owned. Love the light, don;t get me wrong. BUT…and this is a huge but…when the batteries begin to go bad, they will make the light TURN ON CONSTANTLY until the f’n batteries are dead. W T F ???
Are you kidding me?? So…when you see the light (still quite bright at this time) begin to cycle on and off constantly, you know your batteries are still pretty damn good, but beginning to go bad, and will BE bad in a day or two, since the light WILL be on if it’s dark.

Ha, woot sucks balls now.

We have two of the ones like this that don’t have the remote, and they work really well. It’s plenty of light when you’d otherwise be fumbling around in the dark. The batteries last quite a long time, too - years, generally. (One of ours is aimed such that cars driving by trigger it, so the batteries in that one only last perhaps a year at a time…which is still pretty impressive. The other lasts a lot longer.)

Reading the specs is sounds like the time it stays on is either 30 seconds or 10 minutes - nothing in between. Is that correct?

My 1st Woot was in 2006 - not as great today!!

As you know Woot! IS Amazon. Sometimes the deals are better than Amazon unless Amazon is offering them on a lightening sale or some other special offer. What makes Woot! worse than Amazon is the buyers remorse policy. If it’s not what you thought it was Woot! says: too bad so sad :frowning: where Amazon says: sure you can return it, here’s a prepaid UPS label:)
For me I’m only taking a chance with Woot! if it is something I’ve already seen or used and it’s a much better deal than anyone else. And, that happens on Woot! just not as regularly as it used to in the good ol’ days

Put one inside my Tuff Shed. I set it to motion and set the dimmer to high…perfect solution for my lighting woes.

hrrrmmmm I’ve noticed this lately on a different Mr Beams Security light I got. I grill on my deck year round, and if I go out after dark (ie dinner time in the winter) the light just cycles on and off until the sun comes back up in the morning. The first few times it happened, I thought it was the wind moving tree branches or something. Then when it happened on a calm night, I began to wonder. Like you said, the light beam is still just as bright as when first installed, it just cycles on and off constantly until the light sensor says there’s no need for it to be on. Time to get the ladder and replace the batteries I guess.

We have the non-remote type. There is no off switch or adjustment on those and every time we have a breezy night moving plants kill the batteries dead. A hard rain will also set off the motion sensor. Thus the remote should save a lot of money IF you remember to turn it off every time you expect wind or rain. When it does work, it throws a decent beam for about 20 - 30 feet. After that, you might as well hold up a match.