Mr. Beams: Safety & Security Lighting

I have six of the MB360 Wireless Spotlights around the perimeter of my house and I absolutely love them. The motion detectors are very sensitive and each one lights up about a 15 ft. circle when mounted about 8 ft high. It’s enough to easily get around the outside of my medium-sized (2800 sq. ft.) ranch style at night. I’ve had them over a year now and haven’t needed to change any batteries yet because the photoelectric sensor keeps them from wasting power. The one outside my front door is so bright, it’s a bit startling when it comes on and I can use the peephole without turning on the actual porch light. I just recently bought 3 more for some remote areas of my XL back yard.
Note: If you’re looking for 3 or more, Amazon has the 3-packs of these at $49.49 w/free shipping, a slightly better deal than the $50.97 + 5.00 shipping offered here.

I’m thinking about the pair of cabinet lights for the inside of my somewhat dark, spice cabinet.

Aldi has them right now for $14.98 each which makes them cheaper unless your state has really high sales tax. The $10 off coupon does make this cheaper though 10OFFPARTY

Closest Aldi to me would be in the Houston area, about 200 miles, LOL.

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Mr. Beam is a riot!

Waah, the 10OFFPARTY didn’t work for me! :frowning: Still sprang for two of the lights.

I bought some of the LED lights on the last woot and plan to buy more. They are amazing and easy to use. I did mount them higher (I originally had them on the baseboards). The dogs kept turning the light on when they were patrolling the house.

I have three of the LED step lights on the stairs leading from my house’s main floor to our half-level upstairs bedroom. They are excellent lights, very sensitive but bright, and make it so much easier to go up and down the stairs at night–they light the stairs enough that I don’t even need to turn the bedroom light on and wake my husband. Plus, still on the initial batteries after four months of frequent nightly use (our dog goes up and down the stairs several times each night.) Totally recommend!

We have 5 of the motion sensor lights scattered outside our house and they are GREAT. We mounted them about 7 to 8 feet high and aimed them at our front door, back door, parking pad, and backyard. They’re bright enough keep my husband from stumbling around when taking the trash out back and also to make it from our cars to the front door when we forget to leave the porch light on after a long day away from home. I wouldn’t call these “security” lights by any means, but I do feel a bit more secure relying on these to light up any unwelcome visitors. We’ve had them for about 6 months now with no problems and no battery changes yet. I’d definitely recommend these.

I actually bought one of the lights from Aldi, but it is definitely not the same as my other Mr. Beams lights. It got water in it and is overall cheaper quality. I think you’re better off getting a real Mr. Beams light. It’ll last longer.

At first I read this as Mr. Bean’s and thought it would be something silly, I was disappointed to see the only funny part about it was the Woot Text. :frowning:

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