Mr. Beams Spotlight, 1 Pack - Your Choice

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Mr. Beams Spotlight, 1 Pack - Your Choice
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Check out the product page for the MB380

I have a set of these around my house. I was amazed at how bright they actually are. Lights up the entire front of my house. Just bought 2 more to light up the back of my house. Mr. Beams are awesome and I’d highly suggest them to anyone. Light up the night!!

I got a 3 pack of these a few months back. They are exceptionally bright, but VERY sensitive. If you have a tree anywhere in its field of view, it will be set off constantly, which will then burn up the batteries.
I moved mine into the garage.

I have a few of the 4-light (or 3-light, actually) ones. Great lights, but the draw back is the way it lets you know the batteries are running low.
When batteries are low…the light TURNS ITSELF ON CONSTANTLY until the batteries are dead. Really??? I would have purchased more if not for this deal-killer. The MOST ridiculous design I’ve ever seen for low battery alert.


I picked up 3 of these last time around (don’t remember the exact model) and it’s been about a year. Two are still working great with the first set of batteries, the third is in an alley and gets more action and I just replaced the first set of batteries this week. Easy to mount and does exactly what I want. Picking up a couple more for other areas. Also, I’m no longer getting graffiti on my garage as a result of one of these suckers. Spotlight runs them off.

I bought 6 of them off woot! and have only put up 3 outside. They do work really well, they are bright, and install easy. I was skeptical about using batteries and thought they would burn out quick, but they have lasted about a year now and don’t show any sign of slowing down. I just built a new deck on the front of my house and will be installing two of the lights this weekend. Overall I would buy again if I had the need.

Do these have an auto/on/off switch? I have a low ceiling in my work room in the basement and so a hanging light would encroach on my space, but something like this that is easily movable would be great… but only if I can toggle it on and off, and not use the motion sensing.

These are only motioned activated. I wouldn’t recommend these if you need to move it around a lot.

However I am very happy with our purchase, we have replaces the batteries a few times since we bought them last year. I don’t think that is because of the design, but rather because we have them in high traffic areas, including a place near the litter box, so it goes off more than average.

For the price you can’t beat it. I am very happy with the product and have purchased more.

I use these in my hay and feed rooms in my barn. They provide exceptional light and battery life, even with the horses and barn cats occasionally tripping them. I do wish Mr. Beams made one with and on-off switch. There is one with a remote control on the mothership.

The higher lumen model sold out. Is the lower lumen one worth buying?

What, no bidet on sale today?

battery powered outdoor lights are ridiculous. Can you imagine your time on a ladder changing batteries?

I got three of these (black) when offered last year. Several months later, they still work great with original batteries. Very convenient.

We bought several of these and in less than 1 month only 1 is still working. They aren’t worth the money and do not provide decent light. This is a 1 star “I hate it” item.