Mr. Beams Ultrabright Spotlight, 4-Packs

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Mr. Beams Ultrabright Spotlight, 4-Packs
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5/23/2016 - $84.99

Price drop since the Previous Sale, which also has some customer feedback

4.4 Stars (Brown) over at The Home Depot

These things are great; if you’ve got an area which doesn’t justify running a power line to it, just attach one of these to the wall, stick in 3 D cells, and you’ll have a couple months of light when you need it. Bright, works well.

I had to adjust the positing on a couple of mine, they’d pick up movement in areas I really didn’t want to trigger it, but once you’ve got it dialed in, it can be fantastic.

As it also disables in ambient light, my neighbor now has them as emergency lighting for his property. If for some reason the lights don’t come on, he’s still got lighting, and he was indeed lit up like a Christmas tree when the power went out one night.

Since I bought my set, more and more neighbors have picked them up from the mothership. Some have them in their garages to turn on as they pull in, another with an open air carport uses it for security purposes, having it specifically aimed so it turns on if someone approaches their car.

All in all, a fantastic device that does as advertised. Just make sure you’ve got a great stock of D batteries; you’ll be replacing them about once every couple months (so if you install them in difficult to access areas, just think about replacing those batteries before you tighten those screws.)

I agree with the favorable comments about these. They are probably my favorite Mr. Beams product. I have been getting about a year of service from the batteries, probably with less traffic than the previous person commenting. Also, be careful of tree limbs or whatever that might move randomly at night, making the light turn on. They aren’t perfect but they do exactly what the manufacturer says, they take five minutes to put up, and they can go all sorts of places without power lines.

I’m not sure what is meant about the screws. The base attaches with Phillips screws but the light unit detaches from the base by hand, with no tools. So replacing batteries is very easy. Also adjusting the aim is very easy, without tools.

They are advertised as weather proof, but I took the additional precaution of running a strip of tape around the outside of the light housing, covering the seam where the light and the battery housing attach together. That takes only a few seconds and gives you some confidence that water won’t get inside the unit.

Are the Beams still screaming, Clarice?,0,1034,394.jpg

One of my fave movies… <3