Mr. Beams Ultrabright Spotlight, 4-Packs

I bought these over a year ago. They have gone an entire year without needing to change the batteries, and that includes a cold New Hampshire winter. The light is strong. Perfect for heading to the woodpile on a snowy night.
Very high marks to Mr. Beams!

I was afraid of having to spend a lot of money on batteries but also got well over a year on each of the three I bought. I have two mounted by stairs at either end of my deck and one in my workshop that helps keep me from tripping over the junk on the floor before I make it to the switch. One by the deck is activated by the dog every night when we go on our walk.

I got one of these on Amazon about 4 months ago. Battery life is good, but brightness is pretty “meh” - about what you’d get from a high-end LED headlamp. Good enough for pathway lighting, but don’t expect to use this for “security” purposes.