Mr. Beams Weatherproof 300 Lumen Motion Sensor Spotlight

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Mr. Beams Weatherproof 300 Lumen Motion Sensor Spotlight
Price: $49.99
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Pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon and check out the FAQ

I bought one of the single ones previously, it’s a great light, plenty of illumination, and picks up motion well!

I was actually just looking at these the other day, but the high price and other factors were a turn-off. This is definitely into the reasonably priced neighborhood now, however there are a few caveats that should be noted:

It takes several D batteries to power these, meaning you’re going to drop some extra $ on it right away, and they’ll be heavy and need replacement eventually.

These are spots, and not floods. Floods would be more ideal for this kind of application, in most cases.

The short auto-off timer means they’re not too practical for non-security purposes either, since the light may keep going off if you’re trying to work by it.

Our conclusion was that you’re better off buying some of the many inexpensive 10W LED floods that are available to run on a 12v AC/DC line. Just hook up a cheap power transformer (or, if you prefer, a car battery and solar panel) and run wires to your lights around the house.

The cheapest ones I’ve seen run around $8 a light, but some really nice motion sensor ones can be had for closer to $15, putting them about on par with these for cost efficiency, while being a fair bit more practical.

Unless you want a spotlight far away from your house or another convenient power source, in which case, go nuts.

You are wrong I have these and they are great the light does not go off unless you are not in the area the light stays on until you walk away. Also the batteries last about a year and a half. But if you want to play with wires and unreliable solar go for it just don’t trip in the dark.

I’ve bought lots of Mr. Beams lights – the single, non-remote controlled lights, the single, remote controlled lights and, most recently, four of the double spotlights.

They take 4 D batteries (the single lights take 3 D batteries) and require three screws (the single lights just took one screw in the center of the base).

How long the batteries last is, of course, a function of how often they get triggered and for how long. If you have dogs, like we do, they can get triggered a lot. They won’t turn on during the day, so that’s a plus.

I mounted three single lights over my garage instead of using floodlights, put another over my front door, one on side where our garbage cans are, and several in the side and back yards. We can basically walk anywhere in the back yard and have light (unless the batteries have died).

The batteries may cost more than an electrician in the long run, but some of the places we’ve put lights would have required digging and running conduit. We’re pretty happy with Mr. Beams.

Bought these last time and they are working great. Do not trivialise the amount of to work properly and safely run low voltage wiring through your house. A car battery can vaporise the 18GA zipcord DIYs often run for such applications. Such a system would need over current protection. If you plan to use a mains connected power source, you will still lose your lighting during an outage.

“Tight seals and weather-resistant material; designed to an IP66 level of water resistance.”

That sounds great huh? But what does it actually mean? I have 9 of these outside around my house since a year now, and a “IP66 level of water resistance” doesn’t protect these lights from water leaking in. It gets through the seam for the battery (4x4D) compartment, and will eventually shorten the infrared sensor, which causes the light to constantly turn on and off until the batteries run out of power. Read the reviews on Amazon, there are many complaints about this.

I’ve been happy with my lights so far, but I wish they could be adjusted left to right, not just up and down. For aesthetics sake, I chose to install one in the upper right hand corner of the garage. I was hoping to point it inward toward the center, but that’s not possible. I’d prefer not to install this in conspicuous locations. After about a year they’re still going strong with no issues. Just wished they had more mobility for positioning the light.

Why not? Do they have to be mounted in a stick north-south configuration, or can you turn the mount so that the beam is directed where you want it to go?

picked up the last ones and love em. This is a great deal. Id buy this but I dont need 3 ultra bright ones. Wouldnt have anywhere to put em. I do recommend them though. I have one in my shed, on by my front door so I dont have to leave my patio light on. I want two to shine on my cars in my carport if anyone walks up to them but not this bright. The motion detection is superb and will not turn off unless you are completely hidden from the light. Stays on for about 30 seconds and does not light up in the day, only at night.

You can point it in any direction you want, its easy to do. It can be easily adjusted up and down and for turning, you take the light off of the mount, turn it and put it back in. its very easy.

The 3 pack was $2 cheaper on Amazon sale last week.

As one of its daily deals, Woot offers the Mr. Beams Wireless LED Motion Sensor Spotlight 3-Pack in White, model no. MB383, or Brown, model no. MB393, for $49.99 plus $5 for shipping. That’s the lowest total price we could find by $25, although we saw it for $2 less a week ago. They feature a waterproof design, 300 lumens brightness, motion detection from 25 feet, and up to 400-square-feet of coverage. Four D batteries are required, but not included. Deal ends today.

Great Deal Woot!

$49.99+FREE SHIPPING from Amazon

Did you buy them from Amazon with free shipping in hopes to make money on your $5 shipping?

It seems like more and more “deals” Woot has are extremely common everyday Amazon prices plus $5 shipping… slightly disappointing. and I can remember when Woot only had one item a day…been a long time and I’m looking at the site less and less

That’s the 150 lumens model, this is the correct comparison on Amazon.

You would make your point much more definitively if your link was actually to the same product Woot is selling.

You are comparing the single-LED, 140 lumen MB363 model to the double-LED, 300 lumen MB393.

(Looking for my gong right now…)

Well, Woot IS owned by Amazon so it shouldn’t be a big surprise they occasionally have similar prices. I have some Mr. Beams lights (not these) and they are much better than the non-Mr. Beams battery powered lights/motion detectors I have. Its not even close. I’ll happily pay full price for the quality, but at this price its just a steal.

Did you try point the light at the area you wanted the light to shine on Before you screwed the base in place ? Pictures show them mounted right side up and up side down. Also did you check to see if on the back side of the base there wasn’t a way to loosen and swivel the neck. Just a few thoughts, trying to help u