Mr. Beams Wireless LED Weatherproof Spotlight

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Mr. Beams Wireless LED Weatherproof Spotlight
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Check out the product page for the MB380 and MB390

I’ve purchased a few of these here. 2/3 still work fine. One decided to stay on 24/7 until the batteries died. :rolleyes:

I got these a while back, came in 2 pack. VERY bright, VERY sensitive motion detection. Nearby tree leaves will set it off easily, making batteries not last long. Light stayed on 24hrs until dead just like previous poster.
I’d go for solar powered next time.
If you use indoor, would last much longer…

Bought the 3-pak back in December. Installed in areas that don’t see a lot of action. The batteries are still going strong and it’s definitely bright enough to deter shady characters. But it was a better deal for 3.

Agreed. The 3 packs I bought was for $50, not including tax and shipping. This is not a deal.

But the light is awesome. Install them at my parents’ home and they love it. Motion on and auto off. It does not get any easier than that.

I mounted one. It ran through the batteries in less than a week and then filled up with water after exposed to rain.

I would strongly discourage anyone from bothering with these.

Bulb voltage is 110. Wow that’s a lot of D batteries.

Mr. Beams has some clever products. But they have a high product failure rate. Probably made with the cheapest available components, a result of making low price the most important marketing factor. So you buy these cheap lights knowing that frequently they won’t work or will quit working, or buy a more expensive brand.

All 3 previously purchased are working flawlessly as designed 8 months later. As motion detecting lights they work perfectly aimed at the bases of the front and back porch steps. A third is fully exposed to the elements on top of a fence post and lights a property gate when approached. The front porch light’s batteries lasted approximately 8 months of steady on/off use. The back porch batteries are still original as are the property gate batteries. The light did stay on longer and with a weaker light when the batteries were nearly shot. Don’t place these where normal tree movement would set them off because they light on nearby motion. Even at the current $25 for the light and shipping it’s a cheap alternative to dedicated wiring lighting for spotlighting the trash can or side door or yard. Mine are placed low enough to avoid a ladder for battery replacement. These rate 5 of 5 stars from my experience.

I bought a 3 pack of these in Dec 2015 for $49.99. They’ve been great and I’m still on the first D batteries I used when installing them. No complaints.

I think you need an edit here…you purchased them in the future otherwise. :wink:

I have owned 3 of these for 7 months now, same batteries are going strong. 2 of them are over the driveway, so they turn on a few times per day. The other one is pointed right on top of a small tree and, as others have said, it is too sensitive, so I put a piece of tape over half of the sensor and it works great. These are great products, but you have to consider their great sensitivity.

I have had 3 of these lights for a long time. bought on amazon and had 3 of their previous version in the same place as well.

These are very bright, not as bright as an actual powered flood light but they are plenty bright enough to see what you are doing. I have cats/dogs/raccoons and possums run around at night and set them off a lot. Batteries usually last me about 3 months at a time. If you cant run power for regular lights these are absolutely worth every penny. I had one of the previous version fill up with water twice and I just blew the water out of it and put new batteries in and it kept on going. I have used mr beams lights for a few years now, cost me a small fortune in batteries lol but I cant recommend them enough, They are very sensitive and put simply, they just work.

I purchased these last time they were on sale and WOULD NOT recommend them for the following reasons: cheaply made, always replacing batteries, sometimes after battery change you have to fiddle with it to get it to work at all.
I would go with something solar or hardwired, the battery cost and hassle is a major problem.