Mr. Beer Home Beer Kit Premium Edition

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Mr. Beer Home Beer Kit Premium Edition
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  • 1 Mr. Beer Home Beer Kit Premium Edition

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This would be awesome… But I wonder how the beer would taste?

Do you need to be 21 years of age to buy this product?

I got one of these the first time I brewed. It was fun, but don’t expect to get anything good, or drinkable out of it. It is a bit like the ‘Big Boy Shaving Kit’ my mom got me when I was 13. Yeah, it cut the whiskers, but it didn’t do a good job.

Barley malt filtered through a horse.

Why make this when the best beer Guinness is available EVERYWHERE???

looks kinda carpy.


Beer is actually pretty good. If you have some patience and just let it sit (longer than what it says), then it will taste good! I made my first batch a couple of months ago and it turned out well. It needed a little more “hoppiness” but overall the beer taste was there and the alcohol content was sufficient (5-6%)

Can you make root beer with this?

I have one of these, it makes pretty decent beer. I only made three batches with it though before switching to a 5 gallon extract kit (About $100 at most homebrew stores)

This is a good kit though for someone who isn’t sure if they want to take up brewing.

Also, if you’re interested in brewing, check out the book “How to Brew” by John Palmer. It’s available in its entirety for free online, and in print at many book stores.

Have one, actually makes pretty good beer. The key is to let it properly age, and drink each bottle within a day or so of opening it.

nah man…u can make it just can’t drink your own product.

beer is beer, you can never go wrong/

No. Atleast not in Oregon. You can brew underage you just can’t consume underage. Which makes no sense because how would they stop you from drinking it?

@ question: nope, cuz its a kit which equal just ingredients…

I would think not. It’s not alcohol in the form it is in now.

Nope. I just bought one, and I’m not quite 21 yet.

Is there an age limit on this product? Seems like this could fall into some legal loopholes.

I have one of these…only used it once because I decided to get serious with beer making after trying this kit.

I was very impressed with the outcome…only takes 2 weeks for the beer. I waited 3 just for fun! 3 of us got well over the legal drinking and driving limit on the whole keg of beer.

A perfect kit for those who want to give beer making a try. Be sure to read all the instructions and you can’t fail