Mr. Beer Home Beer Kit Premium Edition

mmmm beer

Oh good - I need a beer after all those water globes.

will this make rootbeer?

Mr. Beer? Oh for the love of…

cheers…no more water globes

Beer, its whats for dinner… linky

4 stars and $39.99 there.

well damn. buy first, research later. :wink:

too bad i don’t drink…i should have bought me some of those fancy aqua globes & a diamond tip drill bit

beer is an acquired taste, like c0ck

I bought one of these in a previous Woot. Excellent device - makes good beer. Fun project

How many were there 5?

was there only one?

dang it I missed it.

i brew my own beer and can NOT recommend this even for such a cheap gift…

this beer prolly tastes like bananas on cream

Well, that one didn’t take long.

That was quick… I was gonna be in for 2 :frowning:

got one of these from a s.woot deal. super easy and a great primer for anyone who wants to stick their toe into the world of home brewing without having to make a larger initial investment