Mr. Beer Home Brewing Beer Kit-N American

She asked, what are you doing my dear?
I said I am trying to make me some beer.
Don’t be afraid.
It is easily made
and you can buy your kit right here.

I’ve been home brewing beer, cider, wine and mead for over 12 years.

Better to invest the $30 on 5 gallon kit you can buy at local HB supply or online. Mr.B kit is like making chefboyRD…open can, only difference is add water… your resulting beer will be :poop:

My two cents… :beers:

I disagree with the above comment. I’ve used a Mr. Beer kit in the past year (yes, a chick brewer) and I thought it turned out pretty well! For me, I don’t really want to make it a major hobby, so this was a nice simple way to “brew my own” and it was fun to introduce it at a party that we had. Yes, that’s “MY” beer!

Good to see more women getting into brewing again, especially since traditionally it was women that did it. I’ve brewed with plenty of women at a local museum that does classes on a barrel system and a 10 gallon 3 tier. They even have classes for women only that are led by a female pro brewer.

If you do want to ever move up from a Mr. Beer kit, but want to keep with smaller batch sizes, there are a lot of 1 gallon kits out there. I do 5-6 gallon batches of beer and mead and the equipment can start taking up a lot of space after a while.