Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Beer Kit

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Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Beer Kit
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Quit teasing us with this brown image woot!

does this work with all grain?

Need a beer right now.

Beer??? Trying to get us drunk WOOT???

I purchased this at this exact price a month ago. How’s this a deal?

If you get a barrel of carp from this, you’re doing it wrong.

Follow the directions and they make decent beer, even if you homebrew using a full setup.

My Uncle has one of these that he keeps in his basement, it makes awesome beer! That is, if you do it right :slight_smile:


also, this

The only spiderman worth watching.

Prepare for all the homebrew bashers, but that being said I love mine! Got a batch that will be ready in about two weeks!

Home Beer Brewing Projecter

This is no True Bucket of Carbonation…

I own one of these and its a really fun way to learn about making beer. the different flavors are great. It takes about a month and a half to get the beer, but it taste so much sweeter knowing you made it.

At this price, is it worth it just for the bottles?


They are actually. That way we will buy more useless stuff. lol

I could use a beer today.

Actually, if they put up one of those Krups BeerTenders, I’d be in for three… thousand.

In for three. Gotta stock up for prohibition.