Mr Crapstone

Yes. I got one. Finally!

edit: Also. I was the first wooter on this one!

Wooo, been trying all morning and finally got me one!

Holy Carp! That was super fast!

Why does it randomly make me sign in when I am already signed in? ARGHHH!

Earlier, I was at least getting it in the cart. Now, I can’t even get that far.

Got all the way and hit place my order just to have it sold out. Next time!

Craptastic!I can’t go any faster!I have super fast internet & still get shafted. Boo & hiss.

Got it in my cart, but the sign in screen bought up too much of my time :frowning:

Stupid, I kept refreshing the page and the second that the BOC appeared, I clicked ‘I Want One’ and it was sold out. Not worth sticking around…

Couldn’t even get it to my cart… odd…

REAL irritating to have to log back in once you proceed to cart.

I got to the final button, got it pressed and then denied.
I literally couldn’t have done it any faster.

Can you somehow be too fast? It told me it wasn’t on sale and thou shalt “not cheat in the woot off” or something o_O

I actually had this one, went to check out, only to find I had been automatically logged out and had to sign in again. By that time it was too late. :frowning:

Yep… same here. Thought I would give it a try since it’s been a few years, but it just confirmed that it’s not worth wasting my time.

Got all the way to the end, hit the button, and denied by server error. These tiny quantities are making this even less fun than usual.

It makes you sign in every 15 minutes. What I did add something to cart and almost check out then remove it from cart.

I really don’t understand this whole log back in stuff. even if I had my password on my clipboard, I still have to do a captcha!

now I’m even more confused…it’s listed in my “stuff you bought” listing…but it says “denied”

Is that going to stop me from trying to get one later?
I can’t imagine “denied” means I got one, so why is it in my stuff I bought section?