Mr. Espresso Mixed (6)

Don’t coffee snobs say you should only buy what you’ll use in a week? Using a tablespoon or so at a time in my K Cup filter, this is probably a lifetime supply, right?

Depends on how often you drink! Once a day = yes
Every 30 minutes = no

One of these is different than the others!

Description says **
Colombia El Diviso Microlot** while the picture says **Colombia Finca El Limo ** ???

Which is it?

For your sake, I hope it’s decaf :tongue:

sorry i can’t are these beans or ground?

Looks like beans. I think they ship that way for freshness.

Whatever do you mean?


It is the Columbia Microlot.

I’d be up for purchasing if the roasting dates were disclosed.

2-6 weeks post-roast for me.

Unfortunately, very few roasters share this info…Peet’s, Verve and Stumptown being the exceptions.

To answer your question on freshness. A lot of effort goes into proper bags for Mr. Espresso. We actually use a triple lined BPA free bag with a one way gasket for removal of gas buildup. Between our roast method with oak wood which allows for virtually no burnt beans in the bag. You are actually ok for months as long you store the bag in a cool part of your house/kitchen and keep out of light.

Of course, the second option is to take some of these bags and give as gifts! Our coffee is that good! You will want to spread the joy!

I believe you will be getting the Diviso! Sorry about any confusion.

NOTHING stays in our facilities for more than a week. Your all recieving our most popular coffee offerings, we are roasting 3 days a week!

They are whole bean.

OK, I’m in. I appreciate the response and all the wonderful smells over the years while riding BART east from West Oakland station.

Quite expensive and with a mixed selection you are assured of getting 2 bags (more?) that you really don’t care for.

I don’t see the “deal” here.