Mr Kicco K-Cups & Espresso Capsules

Good luck trying to find any reviews anywhere.

Mr Kicco Coffee Variety Packs, 96 Individual Servings - (Your Choice: K-Cups or Espresso Capsules)
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
(4) - Mr Kicco Coffee ‘Kicco-Cup’ K-Cup Variety Pack, 24 Count
(2) - Mr Kicco Coffee Nespresso-Compatible Espresso Capsules, 48 Count

Bought these last woot offering. Actually pretty good. No complaints on any of the different flavors/brews/whatever you want to call them.

I bought the espresso capsules about a month ago. The flavor profiles are very similar to the original Nespresso equivalents, but I did find them to be more bitter.

I ended up returning them due to the fact that the capsules were made of a hard plastic which I felt might damage my Nespresso machine. Plastic also can’t be recycled, meaning I would have had to separate them from the brand name ones. Had it not been for the plastic capsules, I definitely would have kept them for the good price and relatively good flavor.

I am usually a Starbucks/Caribou girl, and drink my dark roast black with no milk (except French Roast, that gets steamed milk) . I purchased the K-cups last time, and found the coffee to be pretty weak and bitter. I ended up giving them away.

You convinced me to be in for one. I’m excited, my nespressos are running out.

Good to hear. One of the reasons I have switched to Nespresso is the ability to recycle the pods. I’ll take a pass on these.

This is about the Keurig cups-- I did not try the Nespresso version.

So far I tried two flavors… dark roast and city roast and both are too light and too weak. They have very little aroma and even less taste (virtually NO taste). Actually just LIKE the silly coffee at work.

One cup didn’t fit well in my standard Hamilton Bell Keurig 1 type coffee maker. Costo’s and Starbuck’s fit fine (and taste great). The pod eventually went into the holder after three failed tries (it buckled when I pushed hard on it).

I will try one more cup but I am pretty sure this is going back!

Don’t be put off too much by this review. Coffee tastes vary widely!


edited to add: I tried three of the six blends and I can’t stand any of them so I am returning the order. Your mileage may vary!