Mr. Lincoln

Now i know why Tyler Durden wanted to fight him

If only Mr. Lincoln had been around to save Goldilocks…

We’ve seen Honest Abe boxing ONE bear, yes. But three? Kind of drives home the point in an unnecessary way. He’s got my vote.

I believe there were actually 4 bears. You can’t believe everything you see on the internet, can you?

Yeah!!! Me gusta!

Why does Honest Abe look so emaciated?

Someone get him a Bear Burger!

is this another Lincoln chokeslam about to happen?

So he could survive this, but he couldn’t live through one showing of “Our American Cousin”?

Yeah Alex!

This is THE shirt. I am speechless.

Had I not spent all of my spare change on bear repellent, I would be in for one.

If you see me in a fight with a bear, don’t help me, help the bear- Abraham Lincoln

Wowzers! This is the second time we’ve seen the BEAST that is Abe Lincoln.

First Bonez and the Abraham Lincoln Chokeslam

Now THIS?!

No wonder he’s on the penny… heads would’ve rolled otherwise!!

Would be better if he were holding off elephants, but bears works too.

The bears symbolize slavery…or just badassery…or just BEARassery…okay now I’m pushing it.

The history books won’t tell you this, but those bears were actually sent by Robert E. Lee.

I like the design even though I’m not sure I get it… good colors.

Prepare to get EMANCIPATED!!!

At last, I have something to wear when my three wolves shirt is in the wash. My neighbors rejoice.