Mr. Lincoln

Oooohhh. I was eyeing this for a long time now on the artist’s website. It is now go!

Silly shirt, Abraham Lincoln fought VAMPIRES not Bears.

“Four score and one bear ago…."

“well, we totally screwed you over in that last derby by printing totally off-theme tees that robbed you of a deserving print or two, but we’re happy to toss a grand at another design of yours. But make it have something popular, like abe lincoln”

Those are black bears.

Guys. GUYS.

Those are BLACK BEARS.

too soon!

Y’know…I’m tempted to buy this and wear it around Milwaukee just in the chance that the artist may see it and feel good about themselves.

Instead, Alex Solis, if you see me let me know who you are and I’ll buy you a beer.

Lol, yeah. That kinda came to mind for me too. Beware future wearers of this shirt. You WILL get dirty looks and maybe get shot.

I suppose Abe was the ORIGINAL Chuck Norris of today. He did work in the freedom from slavery (see Emancipation Proclamation

This should be on the back of the penny, or the front of a thousand dollar bill.

abe fighting black bears? I thought he fought for them? he should skip the theater tonight.

Are we so sure they aren’t Growler bears (crossbred between polar and black)? Because if so, that could totally change things on multiple levels.

Nevermind the very OBVIOUS exclusion of the Spectacled Bear, an official prejudice against all those that wear glasses…

This should be on every dollar bill.

This is almost as good as the Emancipation Proclamation.

It’s unbearable to watch our 16th president wrestle with ferocious woodland animals.

This kinda reminds me of the “Grizzly Man” documentry.

Too bad Timothy Treadwell didn’t follow Mr. Lincoln’s example, Timmy boy might still be alive if he had.

Man, Abe Lincoln shirts and potential for offense seem to go hand-in-hand.

I was just looking at this yesterday


This is most likely a screenshot from the new Carbon Neutral project.

(Naughty words alert)