Mr. M-

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Kinda cool, but not really my style

Adorable, but I hate grey shirts.

again, just too cute for my tastes

Wow… That is so… Weird?

I think he’s cute. =) Math is not my forte, however. Odd that my math major fiance hasn’t jumped on this. =/

Like the name, but not really my thing.

Cute! Almost random enough to be a surefire… I think I’ll see what the wootoff brings and snag this one if I don’t spend too much money tonight.

Kraftwerk reference, Yay!

100% bought 1.

As a lifelong mathlete, I wholeheartedly approve.
In for one, woot. In for one.

it seems like the speech bubble would be really hard to read…

cool looking calc though… you think if he works out enough he’ll turn into a graphing calculator?

Congrats on the print, Greg. I know several people who might be interested in this…

Wow. Talk about putting a lot of effort and talent into a shirt.
Is there an Academy Award for these shirts?

Very cute, but I’m not so good in Math

:frowning: I was beaten to pointing out the Kraftwerk reference. Actually, it’s the only reason I logged in. I don’t have any money in the bank. 41 cents. :frowning:

N41… that is awesome. First grey woot shirt too! (out of 30+)

Oh, NM, I have the grey pirate one… but still.

i pity the fool who don’t know their multiplication tables!