Mr. Potato Head

I was looking at the Specs on the “Wolverine Mr. Potato Head” and notice that it says in the box is one “Batman Mr. Potato Head”. I checked a few others and that was the only one I saw that was incorrect.

It’s strange seeing my beard on the Cowardly Lion.

Thanks for catching that. I’ll let 'em know.

Are these the same size as the regular potato head? Can I mix and match his parts with these?

I would like to know also if these are the same style as the traditional PH. The body seems glossy and does not appear to be the traditional size and material…curious

Looks like Mr & Mrs PH got an update in the last couple years. From Wikipedia:

Since 2011, new models of the Mr. Potato Head toys, commonly referred to as Jason, have been produced. The Mrs. Potato Head version of the toy was also brought out in early 2012, commonly known as Rachel, and has a baked bean-like head.

As to fit with other PH’s, the spud measurements are on our specs page.

I like the floating monkey - dont recall seeing him before

I just bought one of these (Thor, in particular)for a gift a week ago (dangit), but I can say I was surprised at how small they are relative to what I remember Mr. Potato Head being, they’re something like 2/3 normal Mr. Potato Head size. Perhaps because the parts aren’t meant to go back inside? Do these have the…trunk space like the original model? I can’t tell without opening the box.

Do these actually have separate pieces that you can insert and mix around or is it all one piece?

Haha! When doing tech support (a decade ago, now) my desk was filled with different Mr. Potato Head’s. People used to get them as gifts for me… miss those days.

Oh rachele how I miss you. Its too bad you have shrank in size since the original model. Still cool though!

HAHAHA the tin man eyes and nose!
Once you see it…

I have bought from their line that includes the football players and there is no trunk space. The new Mr. Potato Heads in general are designed to be more like desk toys for adults than toys for small children so the pieces can be a little smaller.

Ok thank you, when I tell my kids we had to use real potatos they look at me like I told them we walked to school uphill both ways.

So… You put the pieces on a fake plastic potato?

Can you still put them on a real potato like you are supposed to???

Dorothy is carrying PoToto (Tato?) in her basket!

is there a difference between the star trek 2-pack and the rest? that one lists condition as new and the rest don’t have that specification

Good eye! I’m sure if Mr. Potato Head could loan you an eye, you wouldn’t need it!

I’ll ping staff about the error, but more than likely they’re all new and the rest of the sales were specified as such.

I’ll post here with any updates/news from staff members.

Thanks for the spot!