Mr. Root Beer Kit with Refill Pack

Yet I can buy 2 liters at a time from the store for 99¢ each???

True but this takes a lot more time and effort.

I figure a fun thing to do with the kids. Summer is almost here - have to figure out what to use for entertainment :smiley: .

Man, you don’t even get a cool keg, but it costs just as much as a Mr. Beer? Weak!

$14 on Amazon without refill pack.

PET bottles with a side of BPA. Yay.

This is one of those things that gets a second look but then you realize why its not a good idea…

Umm, says each kit makes 2 gallons, but only includes 1 gallon of bottles? What do you do with the other gallon of Root Beer?

PET is what pretty much all plastic drink bottles are made of, and it does not contain BPA.

Buy 2 kits to get 2 gallons of bottles. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just did the exact same thing. I haven’t found a refill kit cheap enough to be a better price than this one, with main kit plus refill.

I have this base kit (not the refill).

Yes, it makes 2 gallons, 1 gallon at a time. You’ll use 1/2 of the stuff for your first batch, the rest for the second.

Mine was ready in 2 days. The instructions said it would be longer. Always check!

The root beer made is very good, but very sweet. I may cut the sugar down the next time and increase the ferment time.

Drink it fast.

Actually, you only make one gallon at a time.