Mr. Root Beer Kit with Refill Pack



Bought this from Amazon a few months back - makes very good root beer. Not exactly “natural” because, quite frankly, who the heck knows what’s in the “flavor pouch?” It’s kind of a grainy white powder. But before you get too excited about white powder - it smells root-beer-ish.

Great price, too. Usually the extra flavor packs are about 10 bucks, so the whole kit w/ refill back for a bit more is good.


It’s gone down $2 since last time.

Anyway, standard stuff:

  1. It comes with four one-liter bottles. The base kit and refill make 2 gallons each, so you end up with four batches.
  2. When comparing prices, note that this includes a refill.
  3. There’s no high-fructose corn syrup. It takes white and brown sugar that you provide.


So what are you supposed to carbonate the other gallon in if it brews 2 gallons at a time?


It seems like your concerns can be addressed in the discussion from when this was for sale on home.woot in May

(I’m pretty sure he meant to say each one makes 1 gallon, and you save the rest for the second gallon, then you do the same for the refills pack.


If it tastes anything like the Mr. Beer kits, you’ll get something that’s a cross between Moxie and cough syrup. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got one of these last time it was up for Woot!-ing on a whim. Made it with the kids for fun. Buying 3 because it is REALLY REALLY GOOD root beer! Absolutely enjoyed every drop, and MUCH cheaper than the Mr. Beer site price.


I just can’t get excited about this one. I guess some may think it is fun to mix and wait but that seems more like another household chore to me. Besides, I get pre-bottled great tasting root beer at the store. After a short while in the frig, pop the top and enjoy. I have to pass on this one.


I’m waiting for the Mr. Beer kit to come back. I could use a second one. The batch I made came out really good. I brought some out at a party and even my beer snob friends agreed it wasn’t bad. The key is sterilize everything down to the caps themselves or it will taste bad.


Exactly, sanitize everything, don’t just dump the stuff in there and hope for the best. WRT to the cough syrup and band aid flavors it’s more than likely either heavily chlorinated tap water being used or using bleach to sanitize, or going back to the original point wild yeast.

strangerzdanger I suggest you buy some liquid pre-hopped malt extract and a packet of dry yeast from your local homebrew store, ask for some advice about how much to add to your “keg” I bet you could have another batch for under $15 :smiley:
It’s nice to hear people having success with their first homebrewing adventure!


Nice addition to the home brewery. I can buy 3, make it all in one big batch, keg 5 gallons of it, and bottle the other gallon. Then I’ll have leftover PET bottles for transporting homebrew when I don’t want to risk breakage of a glass growler. I’ll also have leftover wine yeast for apfelwein since I’m force carbonating in the keg.

In for 3.


My wife loves root beer so I purchased this kit for her the last time it was on sale. She made her first batch a few weeks ago and it turned out great. The root beer had nice flavor and aroma (bouquet??) and we thought it was worth the cost and effort to make.

She made a second batch this past Sunday and we are now waiting for it to mature. They might be ready by tonight (judging by the bottle “squeeze” test as they are hard from the built-up carbonation).

Based upon our experience thus far the kit is a good buy.


EdWort’s Apfelwein? You want Montrachet yeast for that.

This yeast is Premier Cuvee, from RedStar.

But yes, force carbonating would be a different end, instead of using yeast.



The flavor crystals are maltodextrin (derived from starch). It’s used as a thickener, to give a better mouth feel to the root beer.

And CowboyDann has it correct – you use half of the ingredients in the kit to fill the four bottles (roughly 1 gallon). You save the other half for another batch. Ditto for the refill kit.


Perhaps, but I never had trouble just making beer in a 5 gallon bucket with items purchased from the homebrew store. :slight_smile:


this was some delicious wootbeer :slight_smile:




That picture totally made me laugh out loud. >.<