Mr. Spork

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

I am not geek enough.

If only we could customize it with our pic…

Im in for one.

Mr spork spork! :smiley:

Halfbreed of fork and spoon, that’s Mr Spork!

besides first post, this sucka’s mine

Live long and prosper.

Hell yes!!! Absolutely in for 1!!!

I laughed. Hard. But not a shirt I would wear >_<

Clever…love the concept.

I just don’t want to get beat up by the cool kids.

I’m more of a “star wars geek” than a “trekkie” so i have to pass on this one, I do believe.

can somebody tell me when the movie shirts will be here?

one for the trekkies.

Ah ha ha! Thats great. Wish I had some damn money. I spent all my money on last weeks shirts.



Yes. It was really just a matter of time. This shirt has been 36 years in the making.

now that I see it I’m suprised it didn’t show up sooner

damn it Jim I’m cutterly not a programmer.

Seriously I have not seen a good shirt on here in a while! WTF If these shirts are really winning votes people are stupider than i thought…

ZOMG! In for one, I cant wait to wear it to Tulsa’s Trek Expo 09! This is going to sell out very quickly–especially with the W00T 0FF!!

Thanks & Live Long and Prosper~


The shirts during the week are random. they’re not voted for.

This is one of those shirts that I’m just not cool enough to wear. Truly made me chuckle out loud though. tre silly