Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap Lavender 3 Pack

Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap Lavender 3 Pack

The same product is $11 with free shipping on Amazon, so you’d have to buy a lot of it on Woot for this to be a good deal, and if you are buying a lot, check out Amazon’s options for larger qtys of the 12.5 oz bottle, or for buying it in larger bottles.

Woot “deals” are frequently the same price or cheaper on Amazon if you take the time to check and figure it out.

Which is why Woot is no longer on my daily “must check” list. It’s not really even fun anymore which is a bummer.

We’re still cheaper. Once you get to items under $20, it’s hard to get huge price differences.

And if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free here too.

I agree with ThunderThighs. I always log in with my Amazon Prime login, and never have to pay for shipping. Not all deals on Woot are deals, but if this is $11 on Amazon and $8.38 here on Woot, I’d say that qualifies as a deal.

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