MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer with Tilt Wheel


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It’s Wireless, and Optical. I want one. If the darn server errors would just stop… Get some great deals & thousands of online coupons

MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer with Tilt Wheel
Mice, mice, baby
$12.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Maybe we’re biased, or maybe we’re just selling it today, but this is our favorite mouse since Mrs. Brisby. It’s accurate, it’s speedy, and it’s got wheel functionality so bad (meaning good) we’ve half a mind to spell it FUNKtionality.

Rotate the scrolling wheel, and your fantastic voyage through documents and Web pages is as smooth as Paris Hilton’s denuded nethers. Press the same wheel to toggle between open windows: multi-tasking’s a snap!

Of course, by “multi-tasking,” we mean “keeping your spreadsheets open in case your boss walks by while you’re playing a Tetris emulator.”

Two extra buttons send you Back and Forward in your browser without clicking the toolbar, or you can reassign them to another command or keystroke that you use more often, like copy and paste.

Did somebody ask how does it feel? No?

Oh, sorry, we just had “Like a Rolling Stone” on the background. But let us just say that comfy finger grooves on the buttons help position your fingers and keep ‘em in place, while the unique, soft-touch scalloped sides help to keep your hand and forearm naturally aligned. It’s the ergonomy, stupid!

Plus, it’s matte black and gunmetal grey, so your greasy, grubby finger smudges won’t show up on it so much. Before acquiring these, we used a beige mouse, which really showed the grime. We told people that those Ho-Ho smears on our left-click button were “digital watermarks,” but everybody still thought it was gross.

Condition: New, Retail Package with Factory Warranty
Model: M03-00041
Tilt Scroll Wheel
Customizable Buttons
Optical Technology
Comfortable Ergonomic Design
Five Programmable Buttons
Connection: USB/PS2
Hand Orientation Right
Power Via 2 AA Batteries
New longer battery life! Get some great deals & thousands of online coupons




Seems kind of wooty…especially if you’re buying three and only paying $5 shipping. Seems like they’d make great stocking stuffers in another 7+ months. I declare this deal woot-worthy.




Coffee was nice… but this is a lot better!!

Half the price of everywhere else. Good ratings… but not recommended for gamers.

Best price on Froogle is - $24.99

review -

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Glad to be back, missed the many woots :smiley:

But JEEBUS, Micro$uck crap?!?! MX Duo all the way! [color=red:6dc5f39677]Latest[/color] Tech News, Mods, Hacks, and Deals


I have 2 of these miece and I love them. Would definitely buy again.




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Nice. But man I have a similar one and the accuracy sucks. Did I get one from a crappy batch?

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this is one of the best woot deals ive seen in a while. Froogle’s closest is $30 or so. It’s one i can actually afford! I’m gettin in. Nice woot guys. - like a real charity, but obviously not haha


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First :slight_smile: Woot OFF!!!


alreddy gahdwan. Eess ver’ nahs.


:smiley: happy


I’m in for a couple :o


Who the heck needs this?? Get a Mac. Micro$oft stuff stinks.


CompUSA had this for 14.99. Woot is cheaper if you have to buy 3.