MSA V-Gard H1 Safety Helmet

I was looking at all the helmets and noticed that the size was “standard” with the following:

Standard Head Size: 6-1/2" - 8" head circumference

Now, from what I remember, circumference (the Knight that created King Arthur’s round table) is the round outside edge of a circle. Now an 8" circumference would be just about the size of my cat’s head, not really a human head size.

If by chance there was more information about the head size, that would be great.

My head is about 24" in circumference.

– Thanks.

One would think you would take your head size in inches, go to a hat sizing chart, and find out where you fall. Then take that into account for what that company deems as ‘standard’.

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MSA is Minion Size Adjustable, so the 6-1/4" to 8" circumference is correct.minion_under_construction


Thanks for catching that! The full text is supposed to be “6-1/2 – 8” (20.5" - 25.2" head circumference)". We’ll get that updated!

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Hat size 6 1/2 - 8. Cool, that will fit me.

Well if you’re really smart then you need a large helmet 🪖, but the lower your IQ is the smaller the helmet :ok_hand:. I’ve always found this to be tried and true :four_leaf_clover:

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