MSH Cellars Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay - 6 Pack

found it with an explanation - “MSH is the secondary labels of Source Napa or Gamble Family Vineyards.”


Love the picture!
Almost worth a hi-def blowup.

is this MSH just one better than MSG?

By ‘richness’ does the description really mean ‘buttery’ or ‘creamy’ for the Chard?

Not a huge fan of the overly buttery flavor of some Chardonnays.

so is this all oak n butter or a nice naked Chardonnay? And is the SV all grapefruit and gooseberries? Anyone got a taste profile on these?

Need some whites in the house, in for one and available to Rat!

As Jeff alluded to above, on K&L, both the Sauv Blanc and Chardonnay are $10.99 each, making this a dubious deal.

And to save any wannabe Cesare’s the trouble, there appears to be no record of this winery on CT.

I already have enough whites for now, but even if I didn’t, I’m not sure this is worth the risk.

Sound advice it seems. Not had much luck with cheap whites on woot except the Backyard.

BTW wish u were west coast. After comparing the triacepedis and albino rhino (triacipedis wins), and wellington and harvey syrahs we could get your opinion on the gatecrashing cabs… Monticello 06 and corison 94 we’re finishing our CA gathering with. And an amazing surprising Risemount 00 shiraz.

(cellartracker links forthcoming – nothing for MSH cellars)

MSH Cellars – 2009 Chardonnay
MSH Cellars – 2009 Sauvignon Blanc

(cannot find ANY website!)

The savings is really in the shipping. To ship half a case normally would cost upwards of $30 to most places.

What’s the “risk” in getting wine for $10/bottle?

Alas, I wish. But budget and schedule wouldn’t have allowed for such excursions this summer (though perhaps if I’d spent less on wine to be shipped here…hmm). Enjoy your time out in Cali, my friend, and perhaps we’ll see you next time.

Per ‘chefjef’ link: “This represents an am amazing sub-Appellation designate wine for a song.”

If you look at the main winery’s website (, they produce some really nice wines from the looks of it.

If nothing else, it’s not like I threw away large sums of money per bottle to try it!

Aye, K&L’s shipping for six bottles to DC is $20, so that would be money saved. Good point.

Still, the “risk” is that since there’s basically no record or notes on this wine anywhere else on the Internet, one could drop $67 on it, realize they don’t like it, and then get stuck with four or five bottles of wine they don’t want to drink. That’s sort of the paradox of six-packs like this - yes, they’re a deal per bottle, but if you don’t end up liking the wine, it’s a big sunk cost.

Not that I don’t trust WD’s palate, of course. I just think a four-pack for $40 might have made more sense for a wine with no pedigree. But then, I chose to go to law school in the midst of an epic recession, and on loans no less, so I obviously have no business sense.

The Sauvignon Blanc is evoking fond memories of Crystal Pepsi for me.

I have a bottle of Diet Crystal Pepsi sitting next to my M0001 128k Macintosh at the office. The two go great together.

Per the writeup, “partial malolactic fermentation” So it’s going to be buttery/creamy, but perhaps not so much as to create an insatiable urge to chase the wine with a slice of freshly toasted wheat bread.

If you like some buttery feel this might be ok. An easy pass for me, though.

Ahem. It was an '86 Monticello I brought, along with the '94 Corison. (Along with some Humbug and a fourth bottle of mystery…) Perhaps there was a buffer overflow when the wine was older than one of the drinkers? :slight_smile:

— T
(p.s. So Cal peeps should prepare for a wine.woot non-gathering on August 15th…)

Deal, no deal, the question is are these priced right. Sauv Blanc per numbers and winemaking methods looks like it should be high acid and fruit-driven. With the Chard it should be a bit softer, but still driven by tropical fruits.

The real question should be, why is this so inexpensive? Stainless steel fermentation without aging is low cost. But this is still Napa fruit. Was this purchased as bulk wine for cash flow purposes? Did it fall off the grape truck? Did a grower have grapes to sell at harvest and moved them cheaply? When wines from a region known for absurd, illogical pricing come in at $10 per bottle, it arouses great curiosity. My gut instinct is a region with lower costs has a better chance of making good wines at this price point. But there might be some interesting back story here that explains potential value beyond % off retail.

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