MSI 15.6" GL63 8RD Gaming Laptop

MSI 15.6" GL63 8RD Gaming Laptop

Yeah, but can it play Crysis… ?

Sorry, I had to do it


Yes, YES it can lol

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I’m more a fan of the GT series, since I’m into VR (The 1050 ti CAN do VR, but my GT73VR has a 1080 which runs just about anything the market can deliver right now and then some) but MSI makes great laptops.

If I were looking for an upper mid range laptop right now I’d absolutely scoop this up, this is a good deal.

I am typing to you on this laptop which is my work laptop. I use it for photoshop on top of daily tasks and not for gaming. If you need to do some heavier computing/office work I think it’s a better tool than many of the other laptops you’ll be able to purchase.


My main laptop used to be an MSI. Very slick machine electronically, but construction was problematic. Bits broke off the case; attachment for the power cord broke frequently, requiring motherboard replacement. Eventually, the case simply tore open, And no, I am not a chimpanzee.

Oh, and end-of-support meant just that. Not just no warranty repairs; no manufacturer repairs at all.

I am uncomfortable with MSI.

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I have an older MSI laptop, but mine is a GE72.

Simply put? The most stable and durable laptop I have ever owned.

I have not had that experience. My last three laptops have been 15" MSI gaming laptops. I have been very happy with all of them. The first one was stolen and the second one became my gf’s laptop when I was ready to upgrade to a 10 series videocard. They have been very durable and run games really well. I highly recommend. My current one is a GE62VR Camo Editon. I only got the Camo edition because apparently people didn’t like the camo paint job and I got it for $200 cheaper than the same laptop without camo…

haha this made me laugh.

Not an MSI fan…had one, worked for a couple of years and the display went dark. The HP I am working on is in service for five years plus.

I have the same laptop you do, and agree with everything you said except this being a good deal. You can get a much better msi laptop for only a couple hundred bucks more.

Sounds like they outsourced production to Apple.

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Well, yeah, you can always get better for more money. At this price point this is a good deal.

I have this exact laptop, bought a few months back as a refurb from Amazon. One thing to note is if you want to get the best performance out of it, be prepared to install either a second 8GB stick of RAM or two new sticks. While 8GB is a decent amount, with only one stick the CPU is very limited in terms of memory bandwidth and performance will suffer in many applications. Installation of a second stick is very easy to do.