MSI 15.6" GL63 8RD Gaming Laptop

MSI 15.6" GL63 8RD Gaming Laptop

Copypasta from other laptop, but for $20 less you can get a new, similar dimension MSI with 9300H, 1650 4GB, 512GB SSD from Micro Center.

On the other hand, not everybody has a Micro Center near them.

Yeah I was about to agree with your link maeng except its in store pick up only. I personally would be unable to compare it since closest store to me in 6hr drive.

Wow, better processor, better HD, better graphics for $20 less from a brick-and-mortar store. I can’t decide if that’s depressing or encouraging.

It would only help people who have a Micro Center near them though.

Add jealousy to the mix too. MicroCenter is the bane of r/BuildAPCSales because a lot of their offers are in-store only.

My closest MicroCenter is 30 miles away, but that probably means a 1+ hour drive. Because SoCal.