MSI AEGIS RS 10SD-018CA Desktop

MSI AEGIS RS 10SD-018CA Desktop

Very disappointed by the Manufacturer MSI. My unit did not boot up when received. It just keep restarting. Spoke with MSI tech support and they determined that no Win10 installation was made or something else might be broken. All efforts to address it on the spot including attempts on recovery or booting off an external drive did not work either.
Seeing that the unit is sold out now I guess I won’t receive a replacement.
Waiting for woot customer service to respond.

Do you have another computer? Google download windows 10, click the first microsoft link, download the file, run it and click “Create installation media” and it’ll have you select the USB device you want to use. It’s free, it’s fast, and it’s better then returning an entire PC for a windows 10 install. I’m sure Woot will compensate to avoid the return considering MSI is notoriously bad at making these situations good.

Windows 10 is free, it doesn’t require a product key to work, but maybe your paperwork contains your key if you want to use it, or even ask MSI for the key.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had tried that. But it didn’t boot up from the USB stick either… something is totally screwed up with it. Woot came through and is sending me the RMA.

Damn, sorry to hear that. Best of luck mate!
MSI’s attention to detail and quality of shipments are absolutely abysmal. They may be one of the most hated pre-built companies due to how often they just don’t give a crap about quality.