MSI AEGIS RS 12TE-256US Gaming Desktop

MSI AEGIS RS 12TE-256US Gaming Desktop

Reasonable price given 12th gen with ddr5 and the 3080, still it’s a refurb MSI so be prepared to receive it in pieces. Probably closest thing to a reasonable price for a Woot PC in a long time.

Personally would hold unless you really want one now but you’d be hard pressed to find a better price for performance right now.


Same specs except DDR4 not DDR5 and $300 more, but brand new from BestBuy for anyone looking for competition to this with a warranty and new parts.

Did people actually get this or was it a scam

sigh check the stats.

Wasn’t the point, on other forums there are reports of even the gpu being missing.

So in other words, has anyone received theirs yet and did it come in the configuration as described in the original sale?