MSI AEGIS RS 12TF-252US Gaming Desktop

MSI AEGIS RS 12TF-252US Gaming Desktop

Offhand I’d say for that much you could build it yourself and a 144hz of possibly 165hz gaming monitor. I’m just guessing here but these prices might be obtainable for a DIY build:
100 for case
100 for PA
250 for 2tb nvme gen 4
300 for Ram
400 for mobo (+wifi,ddr5 compatible, and probably upgradeable)
500 for cpu
950 for gpu (possibly w/ tacos)
2600 sub total
+300 for maybe a 2k 32" 1ms response time 165hz gaming monitor
=2900 total which leaves enough for a better case, or PS, and $5 for OS. Or put it on a better gpu

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Video card memory size is not specified.

it wasn’t under the key features? maybe they fixed it? It’s there now. I still wouldn’t buy it lol

Will it run Minecraft?

Will it run multiplayer solitaire?