MSI Aegis RS Intel i7, RTX 2070 Desktop

MSI Aegis RS Intel i7, RTX 2070 Desktop

Received my MSI desktop yesterday. Was concerned due to reports of high heat so I disassembled the system and verified everything. Of the 5 system fans (1 CPU, 4 Case) only the CPU fan was set to “Smart” to increase speed on CPU temperature. I added the rear case fan to ramp up as temperature rises and lowered the 100% CPU fan threshold for 100% voltage from 85C to 79C.

So far, all the LEDs except for the CPU fan can be disabled. Didn’t spend a lot of time on that once I got the others all turned off - rainbow of glowing fruit flavor is not my favorite.

In testing, after my changes, I did a hot soak at all 8 cores @100% for 10 minutes and according to the monitoring, the cooler held it at 81C which isn’t spectacular but it’s within spitting distance of spec. I’ll be adjusting the fan speeds some more.

GPU temps were good inside several games, running at 4k and 2k resolutions.

Case is a fairly light steel case with a bunch of plastic framing tacked on to the front, top and sides. Take care picking it up by the “top” as it’s just some friction fit connectors that WILL come loose.

Bottom intake filter was hard to move at first, but is ok now. No front filters on the 3 x 120mm fans.

Nothing else I can think of right now. Not planning to use the wireless.

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