MSI Codex XE Intel i7, GTX 1070 Desktop

MSI Codex XE Intel i7, GTX 1070 Desktop

Seems like it could be a decent deal. Very quick processor ($300-$350) and an Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB seems to be about $600. So about $900-$950 before you talk about memory, drives, case, power supply, OS and motherboard which would easily run you another $400+.

You also get a whole knot of cables randomly packed inside!

I was at $1,075 already for the processor, GPU, drives, and memory. Still no motherboard, no fans, no case, no power supply, no OS, no Wi-Fi, no peripherals, and none of it would be assembled. So yes, it’s definitely more cost effective to buy this than to build one yourself.

I guess it would be up to you to make it pretty! :nerd_face:

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