MSI CODEX XE Plus 9SC-292US Desktop

MSI CODEX XE Plus 9SC-292US Desktop

I’m sure it’s a typo, but anyone buying it would want to know: it says 16gb and then “(1 x 8GB)” in the specs. I’m not great with math… but I think 1 x 8 is not equal to 16.

For a gaming computer, if the motherboard has 2 slots, and they are separate channels, 1x16 is fine. if it’s 4 slots (likely this isn’t) then 1 DIMM isn’t as good (again, for gaming).

Judging by the other computers for sale here, I’m guessing it’s 2 slots, and 1x16.


I have an earlier version of this computer and case (with a GTX 1080 variant). It has been great for me. it has 4 ram slots and most likely has 2x8 GB installed with 2 more open RAM slots. It also comes with a single 512 GB SSD that is partitioned from the factory into smaller C and D drives in Windows, but there is an additional open nvme SSD slot to add another stick as well (in addition to other secondary SATA drives, etc).

Thanks. 16GB is correct (2 x 8GB)

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