MSI Wind Top All-In-One 18.5” Touchscreen PC


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MSI Wind Top All-In-One 18.5” Touchscreen PC [New] - $429.99 + $5 shipping

1 * MSI AE1900 Series Wind Top All In One 18.5” Touchscreen PC w/Intel Dual Core, 2GB, 250GB, Vista Home

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$538 at Wal-Mart


Touchscreens are the wave of the future. Nuff said.


Didn’t one of the versions of the macs look just like this at some point?


Wow!! I think this would actually qualify for the Windows 7 upgrade!


do you think i can control it with my mind? o_O


mac compatible?


Good reviews @ buzzillions


product website for:





very slow processor


wowwee. 96/100 rating from Alatest.,28/


this thing + Windows Vista = a terrible idea.

Does anyone know if it’s multi-touch, and if it’s capacitive (i.e. iPhone-like)?


Don’t buy one of these for playing games outside of Bedazzled. The Intel integrated graphics aren’t suitable for modern 3D gaming and you can’t upgrade the video card. Beyond that; however, these are nice PCs.


That’s a sweet deal if it does.


Portal on this graphics card:

this is NOT a gaming computer, and there isn’t much you can do about it since it’s so thin.


This is a great computer for kids.


If this didnt have a built in screen and had the nvidia ion in it, Id be all over this.


PC World Review can be found at:


“1.6GHz Atom” toooo sssslllllooooowwww

It’s worth the same as a netbook. Say $199 :frowning: