MSI X-Slim 15.6” Notebook with USB DVD Burner

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MSI X-Slim 15.6" Notebook with USB DVD Burner
$479.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 MSI X600-096US X-Slim Intel Core 2 Solo, 4GB DDR2, 320GB SATA, Win 7 Home Prem, 15.6"
  • 1 X-Drive Super Multi USB Optical Drive

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The warranty confuses me.

Woot says:

*  3 Year Limited MSI
* 1 Year Global MSI

So which is it?

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Is this a real nice ATOM?

does this have a split mouse button or a single button that you click either side for right or left?

Holy smokes a brand new computer, not a refurb!

single core? they still make them??

Web site has lots of info

$675 at Newegg.

Seems like an excellent price for this notebook and external dvd burner.

Can anyone tell me about the MSI brand? Where do they rank across the quality and reliability spectrum?

what??? 3 year warranty and new on woot? WHAT?? It must really be a piece of junk.

For a cheap 15" it has some decent specs. I would not expect much more power than your average netbook but it should have great battery life. :smiley:

Woah, nice add ons…you had me at “hello.”

The Intel® CoreTM2 Solo processor is the next-generation single-core mobile processor that provides freedom and flexibility to live, work, and play on-the-go. In another word, you will have a longer battery life as compared to Core 2 Duo. Of course, the trade-off is on the performance of the processor.

pic shows a web cam built in does it have a web cam?

Is it three years or one year? Woot says both.

External DVD? another thing to carry (loose, break…) It seems like an after thought and they threw in the external drive to make it complete.

I’ll pass.

According to the decription it does.


It has a 1.3 MP webcam.