MST3K 4 Life

Who’s your favorite MST3K bot?

If this was a box set , then it’s a buy. But 10 bucks each…naw. Plus the hassle of ordering/paying for each one is just too much. Need to be able to select tho one you want and then order/pay just once.

Well actually, the first one is $10. Then you’ve unlocked free shipping.

Yupyup! And the box sets are stupid expensive; this is actually cheaper! I’m excited. Hope we see more mst3k eps released here on woot!

Cambot, because without it (him?) there would be no footage of them happily tearing apart cinema for our viewing pleasure.

It’s easy to forget that everything we see inside the SOL we see though Cambot’s lens.

Please… think of Cambot.

But my favorite out of the speaking role bots would be Tom. Red is my favorite color, after all.

And my favorite of the MADS is TV’s Frank.

Touch of Satan is brilliant 70’s weirdness. I have all the DVDs produced up to now and the Shout Factory sets ad a nice bit of value for the money with interviews from the cast and folks who produced or were in various movies that have been MSTie-fied. Great, GREAT show.

Touch of Satan is the only MST movie that I can’t stand. the weird pacing really drives me walnuts.

Out of these options, your best bets from this MiSTie are Gunslinger, Girl in Gold Boots, and The Atomic Brain.

Best bot is Gypsy. Without her, the others would have destroyed each other a long time ago.

You should note, many of the MST3K movies released to DVD are available on Amazon VOD Prime if you’re a member.

Even worse, Gypsy runs the higher functions of the ship. So without her Joel/Mike would be dead from lack of oxygen and SOL would be fried by the sun’s rays, so she keeps the entire SOL from being destroyed. That’s why she appears to be of limited intelligence, most of her CPU cycles are being used up running the ship.

At the start of episode 207 Wild Rebels (I won’t pretend I didn’t have to look it up to find which episode it was) she has an intelligent explanation of why she feels depressed to Joel while he holds his breath. and Tom and Crow fill in for other functions like keeping the heat shields pointed at the sun.


Actually was nicknamed Crow by friends due to my tendency to be both off the wall and sarcastic.

Sigh I miss MST3K

So sad I missed this. I was looking for MST3K’s Hamlet. :frowning:

Can’t believe I missed this deal!! Please bring it back; it will make my year.