MTX Audio HTB1-S Home Theater Speaker System



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MTX Audio HTB1-S Home Theater Speaker System
$149.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 MTX Audio HTB1-S Home Theater Speaker System


is this better than bose?


I used to work for MTX. These things are pretty weak. Not worth the money.


any good reviews out there ?


overpriced? or not?

amp needed?


It says it comes with mounting brackets but instead of mounting it could I use them on stands?


not better than bose but mtx still sounds pretty good. If I had the money i’d be purchasing instead of posting.


$200 at circuit city. Mostly positive reviews.


i’m still good with my Jaton system i got back in July from woot. thanks woot!


Will this be loud enough to greatly aggravate the dorm on the floor below me?


Hmmm, no, I think I’ll stick with my Klipsch system…6 years old and still fantastic


this looks very similar to the 40 dollar system i bought from sellout.woot a few weeks ago. meh.


You might join them when your floor gives way.


at 120w/150w, im gunna say no


You need to hook it up to a receiver. or amp.


$199 at Circuit City for those interested in comparing price


The pic is just the amplified subwoofer. These are speakers only; your tuner has to do all of the 5.1 decoding. When you hook the sub into the .1 channel on your tuner, you have one channel down and 5 to go…


The woofer specifications suck, they only go down to 50 Hz they should go to at least 20 Hz. But for the price, I would pass.

Nite Nite Wooters


Is that anything like having 2.3 children? I always wondered how people had a third of a child, I mean a turd of a child sure, but a third? So do I plus my subwoofer into a tenth of a channel and if so how does that work out? I’m very confused about all of this. Do these speakers work with my brand new over priced SanDisk MP3 player from the woot off?