Muc-Off Fast Action Bike Cleaner

Muc-Off Fast Action Bike Cleaner

I used this on my lawn tractor mower deck. So simple, just wet the surface to be cleaned, spray on Muc-Off, wait a few minutes and hose off. Some areas of the deck were especially nasty. I just lightly brushed these areas with a soft brush before hosing off. No muss, no fuss. There’s no mistaking it’s a John Deere now.

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Says its ingredients are a trade SECRET. MSDS is confirmed available online (you can Google if you wish).
Glad csiever says it works.

Note: Not your standard surfactant or detergent mix. The main chemical is corrosive so the hosing off part and glove wearing appear to be essential.

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Took your advice and googled muc-off. The only MSDS listing I found was for the concentrate version of this product. Muc-Off’s web site includes the ingredients, which they claim, and the MSDS confirms is alkaline based and biodegradable. Hazards listed are skin irritant and eye irritant. Nothing about being corrosive. The “hosing off part” is SOP for most cleaning solutions. It’s easy, it works and it’s biodegradable.


It is a chelating agent with alcohol solvent and an alkali. It does have skin contact and eye hazards. I am glad it appears to be an effective product, but splash protection and gloves needed.

To quote from their website, “Avoid contact with the eyes. Avoid prolonged skin contact.”

Same precautions as most other household cleaners including 409, Pine Sol, Mr. Clean etc. etc. etc. with the exception that Muc-Off poses no danger to aquatic life.

Think this would work for a motorcycle?

I use this for my motorcycle. Works like a champ. In for 1