¡Mucho Vino!

¡Mucho Vino!

Bodega Iaccarini Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon 5-Pack
$73.99 not $135 = 45% discount
2011 Bodega Iaccarini Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza

Proemio Argentinian Malbec 3-Pack
$52.99 not $94 = 44% discount
2011 Proemio Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

Solar de Estraunza Spanish White Rioja 4-Pack
$59.99 not $113 = 47% discount
2012 Solar De Estraunza Blanco Rioja

Bodegas el Angosto Spain Random 6-Pack
$69.99 not $106 = 34% discount
2010 Barranc Del Rei Monastrell
2010 La Tribu Grenache Blend

Botter Roccalanna Nero d’Avola Sicilian Red 3-Pack
$49.99 not $85 = 41% discount
2011 Botter Roccalanna Sicilia Nero d’Avola

Casale Pozzuolo Tuscan Sangiovese Random 3-Pack
$49.99 not $100 = 50% discount
2007 Rosso della Porticcia Riserva – Montecucco DOC
2008 Rosso della Porticcia - Montecucco DOC

My previous notes on the Bodega Iaccarini Cabernet Sauvignon:
PnP of this Argentinian Cab Sauv shows deep magenta in the glass with thin, medium-spaced, quick-running legs. Mild, pleasant nose of cherry, vanilla and light oak. Not much fruit on the palate but there are some cherry and plum flavors. Mostly it’s leather, oak and loamy earth with nutmeg, mocha and velvety tannins on the smooth, medium finish.
Previous Offer 10/26/2013

My previous notes on the Solar de Estraunza white Rioja:
In the glass, light gold with a slight greenish tinge. Initial nose of grapefruit followed by pear, green apple, jasmine and biscuit. Light bodied with grapefruit and green apple on the entry. Asian pear and citrus zest along with some flinty minerality on the clean, medium finish. This is somewhat of a donut wine in that the mid-palate is hollow. It goes right from the entry to the finish with a momentary emptiness in between. I’ve read that Viura is often blended with 5% Malvasia when produced as a stand-alone white Rioja. Maybe that would have helped fill in the middle? Despite that little blip, this would make a great patio wine in the summer. It’s clean, crisp and easy drinking. Best served cold, as I did not notice any improvement as it warmed in the glass - in fact the additional warmth seemed to add to the slight emptiness in the mid-palate.
Previous Offer 11/9/2013

My previous notes on the Botter Nero d’Avola Sicilia:
Deep ruby color in the glass with narrow, widely spaced legs. Cherry cobbler nose with a little heat and a whiff of oak. Medium-bodied, juicy. Candied cherry on the palate with cassis, tobacco and sweet oak. Just a hint of something vegetal in the background - canned green beans? A light spiciness leads into the soft tannins on the medium-short finish.
Previous Offer 11/23/2013

ECHO… ECHO… echo…

Previous offer for the Casale Pozzuolo Tuscan Sangiovese. Limited comments on that offer but there were a couple other previous offers that are linked there with some tasting notes.

Also there are additional tasting notes from other wooters on the 3 wines reviewed above that can be accessed by clicking the previous offer links.

I need to stop reading these reviews, as I’d be all over these offers, if only my buzzkill legislators in TN would see their way clear to allow wine to start shipping again. Possibly too busy with their sting on the Senator’s aide. :frowning:

we found a wee bit more of the bodegas angosto…

I just noticed! it isn’t sold out!


…and gone again. Of the three wines I sampled, I would recommend the Nero d’Avola since it was fairly complex and seemed to drink at or above its price-point.