Mueller Austria Recalls Onion Choppers Due to Serious Laceration Hazard

I bought one of these choppers here. I liked it and then bought one from Amazon.
I got an urgent recall notice from Amazon with the above heading. The recall requires an Amazon order number, which I do not have for the unit purchased here.

I tried to contact you from the contact page and received a reply that I needed to log in “for security” to ask. Once I tried that I got a canned response that my email address needs to match. I checked, it does.

I have tried to email from my web interface, from my email program, I have tweaked settings, but nothing has worked.

I contacted Amazon, your parent company, and after an hour working with them, “can you please send them an email to make sure they are aware of the recall?” was met with a flat “no”.

Thank you for letting us know. We’re currently looking into this.