Mug Shot

What a bad rap… So bad when you see a caffeine addict get hauled in.

Congrats, RW! :wink:

Silly me, I thought that mug was four and a half feet tall.

Looks like he’s in some “hot water”!

Heh heh. Heh… heh…

Finally, the government found out that caffeine is a drug and this criminal was full of it.

Different than the other recycledwax works I’ve noticed and liked, but still very cute!

On christmas eve, too!

Also drat, I thought I was the first sucker :frowning:

My dad wonders “Where’s the fookin’ donut to go with it?!?!?!” lulz :wink:

It sounds like this mug has cracked

you’re under arrest for hard to get out coffee stains and causing bad breath!

Here come the coffee puns… I hope they’re cinnamon!

For his sale, I hope he doesn’t wake up with Folgers in his cup.

12/24/09??? How old is this thing? They must have had this on the backburner for a while…

thrown in the slammer on christmas eve? that’s one hardened mugger… >=b

Probably made a lewd pass at an undercover cappacino. Something like, “Drink me” may have been said.

Other than being a palindrome is there any significance to “42724”? Any relation to the Xmas Eve date on the placard?

all i know’s, it must’ve been one helluva xmas eve party! :smiley:

Do you realize how long it takes to get through the paperwork for a trial? XP

Hmmm… NYPD is a trademark. Hope they don’t see this!

OH! MUG SHOT! That joke went way over my head.