Mugs & Chocolate & Drinks & & &...



This is an unfair question because now I want a cookie.


Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts. Because they apparently put crack in the things or something.


I bought some Bellagio Sipping Chocolate for gifts at Christmas. Let’s just say, all 3 became one gift to ME. They are in the cabinet behind the Swiss Miss. The kids get the Swiss Miss and I sneak the good stuff.


Bought the muffins last time they are good. I
Why can’t I buy more then one? I tried to purchase 3 and I can’t . What’s up woot?


Bellagio… another marketing buzzword… “it sounds good”, i guess


Since they’re sold out now, I’m figuring there wasn’t 3 available for purchase. I checked the sale and it was set for 3.


I feel like “sipping chocolate” is something that’s been around only for a few years… or did I miss it before that? What is it like? Hot chocolate-esque, or more like drinking melted chocolate?


it’s basically the “ultrabook” of the hot chocolate world. buzz buzz buzz! i’m surprised they didn’t call it “Bellagio Tuscan Bistro Artisan Sipping Chocolate”


The mugs look like they have nice thin rims. Can anyone confirm or deny that?


Thin is a relative term. And there are two different sets. I purchased the “Glaze pattern / white” (the bright solids with white interiors). Are the rims as thin as porcelain? No. But they’re thinner than a lot of other ceramic mugs I own. They’re very nice quality. Overall, I really like them.

HOWEVER, they are NOT 13 oz. mugs. The 9.25-oz setting on my Keurig fills them to within 5/8" of the top. I just tested them with a measuring cup, and 12 oz fills them to the rim, just at overflow. I would say they’re closer to 10 oz of usable space Still a nice size, but not 13 oz.


It has various instructions on how to use the chocolate and even recipes for baking and other desserts. I put it in a mug of warm milk. I don’t use too much because I don’t really need the calories. My thought is that it’s more like shaved chocolate than hot chocolate mix. It does need to be put into milk (no powdered milk added in the mix) not water. I haven’t made it strong like sipping chocolate they have in Europe, but I think you could make it that strong if you want.