Muir-Hanna Napa Valley Cabernet (4)

Muir-Hanna Napa Valley Cabernet (4)

Any one have something to sway me on this? I have been so good on this Woot-off just because I still have wine yet to be delivered and more than 100+ bottles in storage. Not to mention we are in the process of moving over 1000 miles away and worried about the major climate and altitude change.

I still have ~250ml of the '03, in a split with Ar., from when I tasted from when this was recently offered.

This is very tasty, reserved, quality.

Bought these previously but gifted them all so I know nothing about them.

According to the winery website, the grapes are organically grown and these 2 vintages sell for $50.

Had another bottle last weekend, I enjoy this wine, but like many others at $22 a bottle shipping and taxes, I’ll go with Raised by Wolfs, Cab and Red Blend, Rockus Bockus, And of course Ardente 1st, my 200 bottle rack is full with about 30 more bottles still in shipping containers, so I’m laying low this woot off.

Just tasted my leftovers; purchased more.

Not inexpensive.
Sure hope the '04 is as good as the '03.
Not a huge bottle like the Ardente; think delicate.
Before the rpm tour last year, I doubt I’d have been even be able to appreciate this…

check your PM

Damn! I missed it.

I really like the first bottle of 2003 that I drink sometime last week. Would have been in for a case this time. Probably better for the pocketbook this way anyway