Muir-Hanna Vineyards Mixed Red (6)

Muir-Hanna Vineyards Mixed Red 6-Pack
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2006 Muir’s Legacy Merlot, Oak Knoll District Napa Valley
2008 Muir’s Heritage Merlot, Oak Knoll District Napa Valley
2007 Muir’s Legacy Bully! Red, Napa Valley Red Wine
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If these are anywhere near as good as that 2003 cab, this will be difficult to resist.
And looking at some of the numbers, that seems likely the case.

What a coincidence - I had the opportunity to open a 2006 Muir’s Legacy Merlot earlier this evening. Color was a deep clear crimson. Very fragrant with hints of dark cherry, a little cedar and a little heat. On the palate the taste turned to dark fruits with some earthy notes as well as pronounced tannins. I would describe it as medium to full bodied. It had a prolonged finish with the tannins as well as fruit notes shifting back towards the red fruits.

I served it with grilled NY strips and it was an excellent pairing. My dinner guests were very impressed with the wine, although 2 did comment on the heat.

This is a serious merlot, nothing like those that gave Merlot a bad name, that is drinking nicely right now. I had another taste about 4 hours after opening and I would say it was better earlier.

The other wines in the offering sound interesting as well. I was very impressed with the Muir-Hanna cab previously offered so I’m definitely in on this one.

Any relationship to Hanna Vineyards in Sonoma?

One reason we switched from Muir-Hanna to Muir’s Legacy was because of the “other” Hanna’s in Sonoma. They also make some really good wine but we are not even distantly related.

OK. I’m just getting used to doing this. Thought I’d see what was happening this evening. I’ll check back in about 8AM PDT. Harvest is over so I’m not up and out at the crack of dawn anymore.

No love for NH. Pretty short list of approved states :frowning:
Seems like a great QPR.

Since I’m lucky enough to be in one of the few approved states, I’m pretty much obligated to make the purchase regardless of whether I may have “space” or “money” for more wine, right?

Happy to say got rid of the darn yard digging Raccoon (Critter Ridder works great) but that pesky monkey was tormenting the neighbors dogs this weekend. jumping up and down with a box in its hand on the retaining wall that separates our properties, I must say I wasn’t disappointed to see it again. Finally it left the box on the fence stuck its tongue out at the dog and scampered away. Open the box and found a bottle of 2007 Muir’s Legacy Red blend.

Lately I have been getting more and more into red blends, RBW Red blend is excellent so was anxious to try this out.

Decanted thru an aerator for about an hr., color was clear but lighter than I expected, had excellent legs pleasant smell and 1st sip was very dry and a little bitter, but a nice bitter, flavors exploded in my mouth. Fruity and a little peppery, with a nice finish. Paired real nice with the Pizza we had, would be good with a nice Ribeye.

Decided to do a little comparison with a 2004 Muir-Hanna Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, The Cab was a much more robust and hardy wine, colors were much the same medium red and clear, The Cab has a better finish but not the legs the blend has.

All and all a nice blend, not in the RBW blend category but feel most folks will like this wine.

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Exactly. I don’t find myself drinking a lot of merlot but this is pretty tempting.

This WIWBM is saving me some money and providing me with a bit of rack space to unpack some of my boxes. Still I look forward to the day - hopefully in the near future - where Michigan might rejoin the “in” crowd.

Us too. Us too.

Interested in the comparisons you made. I just last week finished off some of the 2003 M-H cab and found it to be delicate, but very tasty (ordered more), perhaps even approaching a robust PN.
My '09 RBW cabs, based on comments sound very new-world but with structure, are buried in the locker chilling for awhile; perhaps it’s time to go find one and pull a cork.
So I’m having a difficult time placing this one in comparison. Have you ever had any of Peter’s releases of Duke. This sounds like it may be similar.

Glad to see you dropping by Bill. I’ll say those cabs you offered earlier were really nice, and cost me dearly in a reorder from the recent Plus woot.

The blend here, from your voicemail, sounds quite like what another woot favorite offers when he has some surplus fruit and makes a great daily drinker.

Can you, if possible, compare stylistically here how these Merlots contrast to the earlier Cabs?

Were you referring to the mixed 2003/2004 4-pack that was offered a while ago? I would also be curious. I opened a bottle of the 2004 and enjoyed it quite a bit. I was pretty impressed. I haven’t opened the 2003 yet but just based on how much I enjoyed that one bottle, I Wooted again today.


Can you share a few of the wineries that purchase your fruit for the woot nation?


Exactly. And I’ve not yet opened a 2004…