MUK LUKS Carter Shoes



What’s the return policy if we get the wrong size on these or is this the case of donating the other pair to charity?

I see fit says true to size but no reviews online I can find.


You can see our return policy here. But short answer: no, we don’t take items back for personal reasons.


I bought a pair of these. Do not buy your size, they will not fit. Despite the claim that these are “true to size,” they are not. I wear 12s, bought 12s, and they are uncomfortably tight. Woot only takes back damage or defective merchandise, so I’m out of luck, despite being deceived.


Don’t you love how they claim mis-sized items are a “personal reason”?


TLDR: DO NOT BUY IF YOU CANNOT ORDER 2 SIZES UP. That’s two sizes up, not one.

Yeah, I am kicking myself for buying these. They run about 1.5 sizes too small, and I knew it.

I bought a pair last time these MukLuks came up, and the “size 12” shoes were so small I couldn’t even get them on, much less tied. So my 12yo kid who wears a size 10-10.5 grabbed them.

SO I think “a-hah, I will order a size larger this time.” No dice. These two pairs of “size 13” MukLuks are far tighter than any size 12 shoes I own (and my closet looks like Imelda Marcos is hiding out in there).

Shame on MukLuks for foisting this undersized nonsense on people with a no-returns policy.
Shame on me for falling for it again.