What is going on today? I cannot answer polls like yesterday and putting these slippers in my cart is not working!

They’re both working for me, so I’m guessing it’s something on your end.

We are aware that some of you are experiencing ordering and other issues. We apologize for this.

We will let you know as soon as it’s fixed.

In the meantime, some things that might work:

  • Clearing out the temp/cache files on your browser
  • Ordering from a mobile device or using a different browser if possible

For our technical savvy crowd: The source seems to be intermittent script caching issue. If you have any logs or info that you think will be useful, please PM me the information and I’ll pass it on.

I’m a size 6.5. Would I fit a six in these things? The Jess boot is awesome looking.

Wondering the same thing. I’m a 9.5. Not sure if I should order 9 or 10…

Are the mary janes sold in a pack of four pairs… just four individual slippers? I assume it is pairs, but it doesn’t say. Also, I’m really curious about how the “with aloe” part works.

Thanks! It is working now.

Not sure if it helps but I was using Google Chrome

Yeah I was having an issue when I was using IE but had no problem with Chrome.

If you are a 6.5 I would order a 7

If you are a 9.5 I would order a size 10

They are 4 pairs
The yarn is treated with aloe and lasts up to 10 washings

Wish there were a size chart for the ragg slippers. Does anyone know if the xxl will fit a man’s 12 (shoe size)?

Hey there! We’re adding sizes to the drop-down now, but I have been told you would be an XL.

Is anyone else bothered by the bad photoshopping of the hats on the model in the picture? It’s distracting. :slight_smile:

It’s bad and so funny!!! and that expression… haaahaaaaaaha!!

Hi the mary janes are a 4 pair pack…as for how the aloe works that is still a mystery, I’ve asked the vendor and will let you know!

Thanks! I actually googled for an answer and almost every review of Muk Luks said the same thing (order a size up), so I went in for a 7 :slight_smile:

I was worried that somehow I was the only one who noticed.

What’s the inside of the short bootie slipper in brown or black? Is it acrylic-sweaterlike material, sheerling-type fleece, plain foam or something else? The specs aren’t specific, and the photos don’t show interior.